Thursday, May 18, 2006

Steal This Post Thursday Meme (better late than never!)

I got this idea from Michele, who stole it from Ethel.
Here are the directions:

"Go to Wikipedia and do a search for your birthday (day and month only, exclude the year).

Post three facts, two births and one death on your blog including the years."

Here are my results (for Jan. 23):
1533 - Anne Boleyn, mistress of Henry VIII of England, discovers herself pregnant.
1943 - Duke Ellington plays at Carnegie Hall in New York City for the first time.
1832 - Edouard Manet, French artist (d. 1883)
1957 - Princess Caroline of Monaco
1976 - Paul Robeson, American actor, singer, and social activist (b. 1898)


Anonymous said...

What's Meme?

Moonshadow said...

May 14th:

Four facts:
1607 - Jamestown, Virginia is settled as an English colony.
1804 - The Lewis and Clark Expedition departs from Camp Dubois and begin their historic journey by traveling up the Missouri River.
1948 - Israel declared to be an independent state **(I knew this one!)
1998 - The finale of Seinfeld airs on NBC

1936 - Bobby Darin, American singer (d. 1973)
1944 - George Lucas, American film director and producer

1998 - Frank Sinatra, American singer and actor (b. 1915)

anonymous asks "what's meme?" What's a dictionary?

Tess said...

I will have to put something like that up for my birthday Monday

(I'm a new blogging chick going down the blogroll)

secret said...

How cool is this...we share the same birthday!!! My friend, Bex also has the same birthday!!!

PatentPrincess said...

Hi Ang, I ran across your blog through Blogchicks and was intrigued to try out this Wikipedia thing. For my bday (June 1) I got

Facts: Tennessee becomes the 16th state, first driving tests are introduced in Britain, Dick Dale invents the genre of surf music.

Births: Brigham Young, Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Alanis Morissette

Deaths: Helen Keller

Fun meme :) Have a nice evening!

Alyx said...

Hi. Visiting via Blogging Chicks list (I'm new) and I just wanted to say -- I DID steal the meme ((LoL))