Saturday, April 08, 2006

Join the Menstrual Revolution, try a Diva Cup!!!

Okay, here's my offical Word of Warning: The content of this post is female in nature. If you are an easily skeeved out male, you probably want to stop reading now!

Every now and then (well, probably once a month) someone from the Well Trained Mind message boards will ask "Does anyone know about the Diva Cup (or its sisters the Keeper and Moon Cups.)?" They will inevitably get a whole range of answers.

Someone will say "I tried it, but it didn't work for me"
Someone will say "I love it!" (Okay, that person is usually me!)
Someone else will say "Yuck! Are you living in the dark ages?"

Can I just say that I love this thing? I go around recommending it to anyone (well, any female) over the age of 13 who will actually sit still long enough to listen.

  • I love the fact that I get to just breeze past the "feminine protection" aisle of the store.
  • I love it that after the $30 investment, I'm all set for a couple of years.
  • I feel that I'm helping the environment by not tossing more junk into it.
  • I appreciate the fact that I don't have to worry about wrapping/hiding/covering up messy leftovers so that my dh and sons don't have to see them.
  • And lastly, many women report that they have fewer yeast infections and less severe cramps as a result of using menstrual cups.
Imagine what would happen if more women started using devices like this? A multi-million dollar industry would be affected. I wonder what the landfills would start to look like?
Think of the fun things you could do with that money if you saved it all up after a year. If you spend about $66/year on pads and tampons for one person, you'll save yourself over $30 in the first year alone! If you've got other menstruating females in your home...well just do the math!

The company that sold me my Diva Cup gives you three free cloth panty liners with your purchase. Now I will tell you that I had my doubts about the cloth liners at first, but now I totally love them!!! They are made of a very soft flannel, and they come in pretty patterns. I really only wear them as backup because the Diva is such good protection.

Okay, that's my little rant for today! Now I'm going back to bed because I am still sick and the cough was so bad that I had to take the cough syrup with codeine and it's making me sleeeeepy.


Anonymous said...

LOVES IT, too! :-)

Get better, soon. Take care of yourself this weekend.


Undercover Angel said...

It sounds like a wonderful device, but isn't it messy to use??

Ang said...

Hi Undercover Angel!! Thanks for visiting and for commenting!
It is a little messy, especially at first. But truly, once you get the hang of it, it's really not bad at all. In fact, it's an overall cleaner way to handle that *special time*. It's all contained in the cup, no odor, it's just a lot better. I would go into more specific details if I weren't talking to you in this oh-so-public of forums. If you have more questions, please just email me.