Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I have officially seen everything

I cannot believe this. I mean, really. There is just nothing left to "invent" now. Whatever happened to throwing the diaper on top?

These are called "Pee-pee Teepees." They are little cotton cones that you can place strategically to avoid being sprayed.



michele said...

So, Ang, this is your blog? Menstruation and pee-pee?

SupComTabz said...

lol - welcome to blogging chicks!

Dana said...

um, interesting. Not sure what to say. It was actually a bigger problem with my daughters...but I don't think this little deflector shield would have helped.

If you can't handle a little pee pee, how are you going to graciously scoop that vomiting toddler close to you and give him the love he needs while he pukes on you?

This unpleasantness during early diaper changing is only desensitizing you to grossness so that you and your toddler can survive the grossness yet to come.

Ang said...

Michele--Ah yes, the very fluids of life! That's what we're all about here: earthy real life stuff!

Supcomtabz--Thanks for the welcome!! I have to admit that this whole concept is growing on me!! :)

Dana--I totally agree with you. I think you're on to something with the desensitization thing. I found it on a site called celebrity-babies.com and they claim that Catherine Zeta-Jones (whoever she is) loves them. Are they thinking that because some starlet uses them once a week when she actually changes her own baby, normal people will spring $10-15 for a pack of 5? Please! So from a marketing perspective I find it disturbing as well. I'm all for the free market system, but I hate it when people invent stupid, useless things and then try to tempt regular old people to waste their money on them. The piece originally ran in Child Magazine.

Jana said...

The problem with those is that by the time you realize you need them, the baby's pretty much outgrown the stage where they make a little fountain for you at every changing.

And I have four sons and only the oldest did that.

Hi - here from Blogging Chicks!

michele said...

My present one year for mother's day was my daughter vomiting on me every couple hours. Ahh motherhood, what a joy.

michele said...

Hey Ang, I guess we're all meeting over here now? Abandoned our blog again did we?

Everyday Mommy said...

Hi...visitng from Blogging Hens...well, Chicks...but, I'm actually a hen.

But, you're right. This has to be the be-all-end-all. Wonder what genius thought this up?

pammy said...

I have these!
And you know what? He's only sprayed three times.

Anonymous said...

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