Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hellooooooo! Anybody out there?

I got this idea from a friend.
Well, actually I copied this idea from a friend.
In any case, I've been thinking it might be cool to have a blog, so now I do. Now, people who know me are wondering how I could possibly think I have time for this. I don't have time for it, but I think I have even less time for therapy, so I think this'll be in lieu of that.
I'll have to think of something original and witty to say tomorrow. As for tonight--I'm exhausted. I am up way too late.
Tomorrow morning my loving urchins will be up and ready to fight their way through a day of homeschooling and I'll need more than a strong cuppa Starbucks to deal with them. We're having school in the morning, then we're off to the park for baseball. Yippee!!
In the coming weeks I will talk about curricula and the reasons that I homeschool and what I expect to learn at this week's homeschool convention. If you happen to read any of this, please send me a note to let me know what you think.
Unless you're thinking something mean--in which case you can keep it to yourself! :)
nighty night!


Moonshadow said...


Your kids might be too young but I understand that there is a Latin primer for homeschooled children. Do you have any recommendations on that? At what age could that language be introduced?

Thank you, Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela!!! I wish you'd had this when I was blogging!! We could have linked!! Fun, fun! Hope blogging is a good experience for you. I found it tremendously fun, until...well, you know. And just for the record, my word verification today was keynrjil!

Ang said...

Wow!! I just noticed the date on your comment. I am so sorry!! There are many Latin currics for use in homeschools. We use one called Latin for Children. I love it. We tried using Prima Latina last year but I didn't love it so much, so we stopped. When we started Latin last year #1Son was in 2nd grade and that was fine, development-wise. Some people even introduce it in 1st grade. Prima Latina is probably very friendly for younger children. I think that Latin for Children would be more frustrating for them because it relies heavily on formal grammar that may not have been taught yet in 1st grade. Isn't your #1Son in 2nd now? You could easily start him!!

Ang said...

Hey Kelli!
I wish I'd had my act together when you were still blogging! You were really good at it. I'm afraid that mine won't be nearly as interesting as yours...but it's still fun.
My verif. for this post is ykkprmqe. Hmmmm.....maybe this thing is looking out at me in my jammies and saying "ykk!!!!"